At the moment the project is only open to primary or secondary school teachers who are willing to participate with their class. In the future we will open the platform to other potential groups.
No prior training is required. The entire process is guided, and participating teachers receive the necessary materials and resources to carry out the work with their class. Still, the GlobalChangeMakers team has designed a MOOC for teachers who want to learn about Global Education, Digital Storytelling and creative learning. Have a look at it.
Yes, although the initiative came from a European project, the GlobalChangeMakers platform is now open to participation from any country.
No, only a basic-middle level of English is required. All project documentation and materials are in English, so it is important that the teacher is able to read texts and have short conversations. If the language chosen for the virtual exchange between children is English, they should also have a minimum knowledge of the language. If both schools decide to collaborate in another language, it is also possible to do so.
To participate in the project the classes need a webcam, Internet connection, and a few computers to work in teams. The projector is optional but highly recommended. Free software is used in all phases of the project.
In each edition we launch, there is a call for participation period, and then the full program lasts 15 weeks. In the current edition, the deadline to start is October 8. Then the project runs until the winter break, and is restarted in January until March.
No, the necessary programming skills are little and can be learned during the process. Of course if you already have previous experience in Scratch it is a bonus that will make you progress faster.

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